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The primary mission of SKLCC is to provide core technology and solution for clean and efficient utilization of coal to meet the nation’s increasing demand for energy security and sustainable development of the economy and society. SKLCC conducts forefront, fundamental and applied research on coal conversion with emphasis on converting coal to transportation fuels, chemicals and materials, and solving environmental problems associated with coal utilization. Five main research fields of SKLCC are direct coal conversion, indirect coal conversion and C1 chemistry, catalytic chemistry and engineering in methanol conversion, environmental catalysis and engineering, and new materials and new processes.

Direct Coal Conversion

The main work focuses on fundamentals in coal pyrolysis, gasification and liquefaction, including transformation of coal constituents, co-processing of coal with low-value organic materials, coal conversion under mild conditions, catalysis and reaction engineering.

Indirect Coal Conversion and C1 Chemistry

The main work focuses on reactions, catalysis and engineering in synthesis of diesel, gasoline, alcohols and ethers at laboratory and pilot plant scales. The attentions are paid on slurry phase synthesis, catalysis, reaction mechanism and kinetics, and reactor engineering.

Catalytic Chemistry and Engineering in Methanol Conversion

Starting from the key scientific issues in catalytic methanol conversion, oriented basic researches are carried out, and the research goals are to disclose the transformation mechanism from C-O bond to C-C bond to illustrate the growth route of carbon chain and ether chain, to optimize the synergy of acidic and oxidizing sites on catalyst surface, and to develop highly efficient catalysts and new processes for methanol conversion.

Environmental Catalysis and Engineering

The main work focuses on simultaneous removal of SOx, NOx and Hg from flue gas, emission control of S, N and trace elements during thermal treatments of coal, recycle of waste organic materials and CO2 capture, utilization.

New Materials and New Processes

The main work focuses on preparation, characterization and utilization of mesoporous materials, nano-materials, carbon materials and zeolites, as well as reactions under supercritical conditions and reaction coupling.